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Organizational History & Background 

HAVOYOCO was founded in 1992, since its inception has successfully implemented different projects in various sectors. In the beginning, HAVOYOCO participated in peace building and reconciliation activities to resolve the Somaliland clan conflicts and demobilization of ex-combatants. HAVOYOCO also engaged in social service provision since the government institutions were not yet fully functioning. HAVOYOCO collected cash and in-kind contributions from the community, which they used for weekly garbage collections from the streets of Hargeisa. During its first year, HAVOYOCO operated with donations and resources from its members. HAVOYOCO continued those activities until the formation of the second Somaliland government in Borama in May 1993. By mid-1993, HAVOYOCO reviewed its activities in light of the new dynamics and changes happening in Somaliland. They decided to register the initiative as an organization with a functional structure and hierarchy of command to implement projects for the community that funded by other donors.

 HAVOYOCO then gradually began implementing projects from community awareness to rehabilitation of schools, football courts etc. In 2002 the organization changed its name to Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee without changing the acronym country/regional context that was affecting what HAVOYOCO does and how it does.

 Now HAVOYOCO is operational throughout Somaliland, has its headquarter in Hargeisa, one office in South Somalia, Mogadishu, it has its country office in Addis Ababa and field office in Jijiga (Somali Regional state of Ethiopia).  HAVOYOCO has two sub offices in Somaliland, Burao and Borama towns. It has field offices in Lasanod, Erigavo, Berbera and Gabiley. HAVOYOCO is currently registered in the UK and USA and has a liaison officer in Nairobi, Kenya. Generally this organisation implements development programs that would involve the beneficiaries at the grassroots level and assists the nations’ reconstruction and development, endeavour through the long route process refocused and streamlined its projects.